The Catholic Church and Chicano Movement in Texas - Yolanda Tarango - 1 & 2


The Catholic Church and Chicano Movement in Texas - Yolanda Tarango - 1 & 2


Sister Yolanda Tarango, CCVI, interviewed on Apil 28, 2010, about the Catholic Church and Chicano movement in Texas

Topics covered in different episodes are:

Ysleta (El Paso) roots; family had been there for a long time; grew up near the mission; life revolved around the parish, clubs (56:10)

"Old rules" in the Mother House, where they didn't get newspapers; Sister Yolanda reads news on the Chicano movement from papers on the floor (22:11)

Feminism; accused of being "Malinches"; let's not try to change the institutional Church; women's issues, child care, education (4:12)

Change to social justice; to meet or to march with the farmworkers (1:18)

Issues: parish ministry, conflicts with priests and bishops; feminist radicalization; in schools, women religious in charge (2:09)

Initial years in the convent; 1966, Special Chapter, to deal with Vatican II; formation team replaced; novices introduced to new (2:27)

The call; youth group involvement, leadership and service; going to the convent; Incarnate Word sisters were all Irish (8:16)

Catholic high school; applied to Loreto, better high school, not accepted because she came from "the mission school" (4:04)


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