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Sor Rosa Maria Icaza, CCVI, interview excerpt from Radio Guadalupe, San Antonio, Texas, June 24, 2014

Sister Yolanda Tarango, CCVI, interviewed on Apil 28, 2010, about the Catholic Church and Chicano movement in Texas Topics covered in different episodes are: Ysleta (El Paso) roots; family had been there for a long time; grew up near the mission;…

Interview in 2020 with Sister Yolanda Tarango, CCVI about the Hispanic Women religious group, Las Hermanas. The Called and Consecrated Online Curriculum Introducing Young women to a vibrant vocational choice by sharing the lives and ministries of…

An interview at Gonzaga University in 1983, with Sister Bertha Franco, CCVI (1948-2002) and Sister Josephine Nestman, CND about their vocations and life as women religious.

These are excerpts from Sister Pauline Fierro's scrapbook, which she compiled from 1929 to 1947. The photographs depict life at San Francisco de Espada Mission School and parish in 1916 and 1936.

Inside cover and note with Sister Pauline's…
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